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I’ve always liked to draw, from an early age the world of painting and creations has always attracted me. Therefore, I often read books with illustrations of famous painters and their  timeless, true masterpieces. While reading about those paintings, I discovered that behind many of them lies a story, often amazing, exciting, but sometimes even frightening. Painting by Gustav Klimt, Woman in Gold, amazing artwork that leaves you breathless, I often encountered in the books, bookstores, posters, postcards, etc. What i didn’t know was that behind this painting there is a terrible, yet inspiring story and I learned it watching this great drama, Woman in Gold. Read the rest of this entry »


Yes, I admit it. I’m a big fan of Sci-Fi, horror and all movies and series that are based on something supernatural, extraordinary, something that belongs to the world outside this one of our everyday lives. I often fall into the tracks that just leads in these worlds, sometimes a longer period, without any desire to change the train at the station and take some other direction. However, after some time, I am saturated, and  in some of the stations I take a train, completely different from the usual one and take a ticket to ride. Then I get a big surprise, and instead the expected and ordinary, I get incredible, relaxing and endlessly entertaining ride. Danny Collins, of whom I’m writing today, is just such ride. Read the rest of this entry »


Vampires and werewolves are my favorite monsters and I’ve been waiting a series to appear that will present these monsters in right way. When I say right, I mean that there were  horror/supernatural series before, but somehow always a mild ones, adjusted for wide audience, which is why they still were, for lack of a better term, a lukewarm. Sometime in late 2009, quite by accident, while surfing the net for a horror series, I run into the True Blood. At that time the second season was just finished, and I said to myself, I’m gonna try it.  So, I get both seasons and start the first episode. Within 48 hours I devoured two whole seasons and I was left in eager expectation of the third season, fourth and every new season until summer of 2014, when the series, after seven seasons, ended. Read the rest of this entry »


Summer of 2014. was an extremely hot one, speaking of TV series. Many of them popped up, and mostly they were a good ones. As a Fan of Sci-Fi genre I was very excited about one series. The one that has promising cast of well-known actors, interesting post-apocalyptic story and very interesting producer – Michael Bay (Transformers, Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, Bad Boys). Considering all that my expectations were high and the series name is The Last Ship... Read the rest of this entry »


Aquarius is the zodiac sign, and indicates some other things. For people born under this sign, it is said to be visionary, determined to make their ideas about the new better world into practice. They are very communicative and convincing, and very easy to make friends and convince people to follow them. They also want to have their ideas accepted without opposition, and if it comes to the same, they become impatient and their energetic temperament explodes. Aquarius also is referred to era, which began in the United States and then spread to the whole world. That was a time of great changes, rebellions, freedom and drugs. That was a time, known as “The Age of Aquarius”. Read the rest of this entry »


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It started  2-3 years ago, although even before that, it had a rich history. Along the way it strengthened, grown and turned into a monster. I am not talking about any movie or book. I’m talking in general about the phenomenon of TV series, which, little by little, is taking over the movies. Of course the movies will always attract more audience, when it comes to blockbuster hits. However, in  age when the Internet is almost in every home, and the speed of the same every day just keeps growing, TV series gains more and more Fans. They are available in a variety of TV programs, and only a few hours after the “birth”, episodes are available on the net. TV companies are increasingly investing money in the production of series, fighting for every viewer and to increase viewership. The stories are more interesting, better and  production is equal to the one in movies, and lately more and more A-list actors plays in them. Read the rest of this entry »


Two years after revealed himself to the world, as a promising writer/director, George Miller made one more masterpiece. With his first movie, Mad Max, he presented to us dystopian world and hero Max Rockatansky. This time he took us further into the future and there we see collapsed world, world devastated with war and left in ruins. What is left of it is taken by ruthless gangs, and only what is worth is gasoline. Those gangs fights for gas on the battlefield made of asphalt, and that is place where great warriors are born, and the greatest of them is The Road warrior Max… Read the rest of this entry »

MAD MAX (1979)

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Everybody talks about Mad Max: Fury road. You can hear:  It is a movie of the year.It is one of the best action flicks ever. Hardy is great. No, Charlize steal the movie, etc. Beside those comments, you can hear: Miller did it again. Honestly you can hear that mostly from older movie lovers and maybe a few younger ones. Majority of others doesn’t know who Miller is and what he has done it again. And that is no surprise, because it took him 30 years to go with the new Max, and 36 years from the first one. That first one, started some big things. It started a star career of Mel Gibson. It started one of my most favorite trilogies, and it started a directing career of George Miller, and that’s the one I am writing about today… Read the rest of this entry »


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It can be said that last year was a year of Comics related TV shows like Arrow, The Flash, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. , Daredevil and Gotham. Maybe the weakest among them is a series that is inspired by characters from DC, and particularly the ones that are coming from well-known city of Gotham. home town of one of the most popular hero, The Batman. Creator has come to an interesting idea, to go back to past when our loving heroes and villains was very young. Well it sounded interesting to me, but now, after first season is behind us, I am not so sure… Read the rest of this entry »


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So far, in some of my older reviews, I mentioned the CW television network several times. It is the smallest TV network in the US, however, that did not prevent them to start some major projects, and those projects have led to, I can freely say, revolution. It all started with the Arrow series, as an attempt to create a series that will be able to repeat the success of The Vampire Diaries, and they eventually succeeded. The Arrow is a coproduction of CW network with DC Comics, one of the two most famous studios (the other is Marvel) which has produced numerous, the well known superheroes. While Marvel dominates the big screen, DC decided to fight back in the world of the TV series. In the series Arrow, character Barry Allen, a forensic scientist from the Central City, appeared twice. His appearance has sent out a warning to fans of the DC universe, that there is the possibility they will get a new show about the one of the most famous superhero from the DC Universe. And then, it finally happened. CW has launched a new series, another one from the DC world, another superhero who, just as it is in the series Arrow, at the beginning of each episode, pronounced a monologue about himself, and this time the words are:

„My name is Barry Allen, and I’m the fastest man alive … I am the The Flash“ Read the rest of this entry »